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Sophia Namukwaya 9yrs

Sophia is a very social girl, a very quick learner and very active in the children ministry choir. she wants to become a nurse when she grows up.

Sophia is anxiously waiting for a sponsor

450 USD can sponsor for a full year. (3 semesters)

300 USD can sponsor for 6 months (2 semesters)

150 USD sponsors for 3 months.(1 semester)

38 USD monthly

What your Sponsorship covers.
-Education assistance-cost of school fees and additional tutoring.
-Clothing, and supplies
-Vocational training prepares children to find stable and fulfilling jobs as adults.
-Access to clean water
-Access medical treatment

In return for your sponsorship, you will receive:

Information about your child to include.
-An updated picture of your child once per year.
-letters from your child.
-Access to your child’s webpage to view their pictures.
-The opportunity to send your child letters and gifts.